SKE48 cheer you for always, thank you.
As announced on the stage of the Board of the national commemoration of the release handshake “slave chocolate” 11th single other day, was held at the Fukuoka concert “SKE48 Aichi Prefecture alone in the” Hall insulator “Japan on 13 and 14 April will be held, “that does not change. thing mate forever” Con spring 2013. ”

SKE48 for us, NGK Hall concert in Japan to be the second consecutive year.
The largest-ever single concert that SKE48, customers and members of a total of 16 000 people were together, like a dream, last year it was a really enjoyable two days. Even now, it is enough that it was the best concert that, up to the end of the mouth between the members occasionally.
Also added further power up to 20 people who joined the new group of students sixth, I challenge this year with a total of 83 people. I will make more and more of the best stage together with 83 people!

nine and a journey, also divided into 74 people, a good start is to cut ….

In addition, we offer a “back seat” for the ladies-gentlemen behind the stage this year.
While watching the delicate Rear View of Men your dumb please, this time, please also press gently on a journey back nine.

“I’m glad to cheer SKE48”.
Can you think should be in concert along, all of us members and staff, I have revved up!
I will rise again this year along with everyone, and SKE48!!!

■ Con 2013 Spring Event Title · SKE48 “that does not change. Much that it is a companion”

■ “Do not change. Thing mate forever” Con spring 2013 schedule SKE48 held ▼ more dates
April 13, 2013 14 (Sat) (Sun)
Performed and content performance ▼: SKE48 (Team S, Team Kll, Team E, student)
(Sat) April 13: 11:00 / 12:00 noon performances starting / opening night performance ▼ held 2 performances and performances: Day (Sunday) 4-May 14 concert held one evening performances
– 16:00 / 17:00 at night performances
▼ (16 at address 1 5-chome, Minami-ku, Nagoya town Higashimatabe) Sports Plaza NGK Japan NGK Hall Place
※ nearest station: 3 minutes walk, a 15-minute walk, a 15-minute walk from the train station from the station Motokasadera 大江 Meitetsu Meitetsu Station JR Kasadera

■ seats preceding species and target seat ticket: 6,800 yen (tax included)
· Standing Room: 5,800 yen (tax included)
Back-seat: 3,400 yen (tax included)
※ 480 yen per one shipping fee, receipt of your application is ※ ticket delivery by mail (Yamato to be issued by either the delivery by Yamato, Seven-Eleven, FamilyMart each of up to two per performance alone one like us in convenience stores ticketing ticketing fee 105 yen occurs per sheet)
※ ※ No admission venue structural preschooler ※ We will refuse, depending on your seat, resale is subject act tough performer / stage will see the firm in any case, and non-transferable.
※ views along the rules established by the organizer, the day of the performance, enjoy.

■ Member preceding 1, SKE48 Mobile reception schedule presale ticket
· 9 (Thu) 10:00 Mon, March 07, from 10:00 to 3 Saturday, March 10, the winning result announced after 20:00 (Sun)
※ There is no first-come-first-served basis. After completion of the reception, if a large number of applicants we will determine the winner by lot.
※ near the end and immediately after the start of the reception, it may be difficult to lead a very large number of access concentration, there is the case that your application can not be completed in time. In advance, as you have time to spare, you can apply the procedure as soon as possible, thank you.
※ top of your preparation, we recommend that you sign up in advance so you will also need information accompanying person.

Two sisters preceding group members (Board of AKB48 Mobile, the two pillars, NMB48 Mobile, HKT48 Mobile, each member)
· 14 (Tue) 10:00 Mon March 12 from 10:00 to 3 Thursday 15 March, winning result is announced after 20:00 (Fri)

<For the preceding group membership> Sister
A sister group members prior points paid membership of each of the Mobile site, NMB48, HKT48 AKB48, meeting members of the two pillars. For example, is a member of SKE48 Mobile, in the period prior to the application member SKE48 Mobile, those who are members AKB48 Mobile, application is possible even in the period preceding sister group membership. However, there is no duplicate winners.
※ Ticket pre target is limited by the concert events, may not be available frame preceding sister group.(Limited reception preceding cases ○ ○ Mobile Membership)

■ How to apply
Please apply special page from each site during the sign-up period described above.

▼ If you are a member who feature phones mobile site “SKE48 Mobile” officially here.
· If the smartphone is here

▼ (feature phones, smart phones) If you are a member mobile site “AKB48 Mobile” official sister group members prior ●
· If the feature phones are here
Smartphone browser site here.
– The person who uses Sumahoapuri “AKB48 Mobile” must be registered members ※ Please sign up from the banner of the app page TOP

● If you are a member mobile site “NMB48 Mobile” (official feature phones only)
· If the feature phones here.
Registration is required ※

● (feature phones, smart phones) If you are a member mobile site “HKT48 Mobile” official
· If the feature phones are here
· If the smartphone is here
Registration is required ※

● Official Fan Club members who AKB48 “meeting of the two pillars” (PC only)
· → Existing members who Https://Member.Akb48.Co.Jp/login.Php → towards the top of your new membership application ※ · Please login
Registration is required ※

<Waiting for accepting pre-sale>
If the winner has occurred, such as cancellation, we perform the following two lottery for those who have received your application to the “reception waiting list or” additional seats. If you would like a “waiting list”, please apply at the time of pre-release reception. It should be noted that in that there is no “reception waiting list”, again, those who are elected at the reception prior sale, elected, please apply with confidence.
※ If you would like to “reception waiting list”, you can sign up for pre-sale at the same time as the acceptance.If you would like, please check the “hope of the application waiting list” at the screen of pre-release reception.
※ waitlist winner announcement will be after 20:00 Tuesday 19 March.

<About winning confirmation>
Confirmation of the election results is available at the site, but acceptance of applications, only winners will deliver the mail lottery result. In addition, in the e-mail settings, receive and domain registration only, if you are denied to receive e-mail, we may e-mail does not reach. Such a person, we ask that unseated the e-mail settings.
※ mail address here → Ske48harucon2013attoakb48.Co.Jp (No reply for winning result delivery only)
※ winning check here

<For the original Ticket>
The event will be found, we have served in all four tickets at the original, “AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2013” “2013 Festival AKB48 unit”, who have very popular.
In addition to traditional ticketing convenience store, it will be the original ticket in service to deliver the original ticket, the image of the members has been printed. Please check the delivery notes and schedules firm, ask to receive a ticket. Results, including the election of all elected announcement waiting list to only like winners were aligned, the shipment period of the ticket, you will be notified of the expected date of shipment. Please check the “Q & A” ticket acceptance of the site for more details.
※ Tickets will be delivered in the security package because of Yamato, use of the delivery box is not available.
※ sign of receipt by the person in question one of the families have been living together is essential.
※ If you are unable to receive the ticket, entrance to the concert is not possible. Thus, if there is a possibility that the recipient will not be able to recommend ticketing convenience store. In addition, the shipment will bedelivered to the address you provide us with your application.
※ (people who have subscribed) our winner of our ticket companions will be shipped to your address once.
※ up during the registration period preceding each of the changes in the way the receiving ticket is possible at any time, we can not in any way change the payout method, after the end of the reception, thank you As you can apply with us after you’ve thoroughly examines it.

■ Contact
[Content on Performances]
Sunday Folk Promotion 052-320-9100 (10:00 to 18:00 all day)
[Content about ticketing / payment / ticket sales]
AKB48 Ticket Center 0570-044-488 (10:00 to 17:00 all day)
※ Registration is not accepted by phone.
※ dedicated and dial-up to the day of the performance period end time your application described above.
※ It will assume (Weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) 10:00 to 17:00 Reception hours are your experiences contact end time concert the day of the performance

■ Notes on the structure ▼ venue, some, depending on your seat, the hard cast might / stage is slightly visible.
▼ for measures to prevent resale, thank you for your help on the day of your check identification of visitors upon entry. Admission for the convenience of time, allowing me to confirm identification at random, please understand. At that time, or if it is the same can not be confirmed, if it is discovered, such as resale or transfer, like “visitors” and “our winner” is, we will refuse your admission. Also, if you apply for two tickets, you’ll need to enter your information if you like your spouse (name, date of birth, gender, address, phone number). Printing on, and your Mr. applicant (winner), accompanied by Your name, will be checked at the time of admission the names of both on the face of each ticket.
※ name to be printed on the ticket is the registration information at the time of your application.
※ the day of the performance, when checking identification, if the name on his name printed on the ticket, in your application information, such as your address does not match the ticket becomes invalid. Please note.Therefore, when applying for, please do not make a mistake. (During the period for acceptance of your application will fix what your application is possible, outside the period will not be able to make any corrections)
※ between families, even between friends, has been the transfer is strictly prohibited. Applicant or like us, (winner), if it is possible to only like visiting your spouse, not your identity is confirmed, we will refuse the admission that is printed on your ticket.
※ After application, if you need to modify the content, modifications are possible many times, if during the acceptance of applications prior Mobile each, and only during the acceptance of applications prior Mobile each, modify the contents, after the end of the term acceptance of applications Please note that you can not change in any way the contents of the.
▼ If you are elected, e-mail address Please enter at the time of sign up will be the address to send the guide and various lottery results. In addition, the name, address, and date of birth, etc., when we will confirm your identification of visitors on the day, it will be necessary information, like do not make a mistake, you should be careful enough. Please note that after ticketing, it will be disabled if there was a mistake.

■ end time sign up the day of the performance period above ~ How to check your application, check the status of your application is available at the following website.

■ “(your name is registered apply) name like winners”, like “spouse” and in relation to check identification and identification with us according to face value tickets, and to authenticate any of the “identity card” below Let’s eat. On the day of the event, thank you for your cooperation so guests will not forget to have your ticket and identification.
※ customers for confirmation, if there is a discrepancy between the contents of the confirmation, it will be asked to wait for a while.
※ The curtain just before, it may be for the convenience of identification, are expected very crowded, you can not enter before curtain time. Longer opening hours, please you to the entrance to the venue early.
※ If it is the same and can not be confirmed, if it is discovered, such as resale or transfer, like “visitors” and “our winner” is, we will refuse your admission. Also, though there is a confirmation of the identity card at random, please be sure to bring your ID card. Because you can not verify your identity, such as when there is a deficiency / Forgot / lost your ID card, we will refuse your admission. Please note
Above, please acknowledge beforehand.

■ Customers your name “ticket” has been described, the organizer specifies how the “query person” is to confirm your identity by using the “(2 or more) or one-point identification” of have your do.

■ “identification” designated organizer
※ For all things crafted unavailable / expired / handwritten copy / has given are not allowed.

■ with a photo of the face stuff, please bring 1 point. The following may be targeted.
Resident Card ⑤ ⑥ physical disability Basic Resident Register card student card ③ ④ ① Passport ② driver’s license

■ following “two points (F) (A) ~”, or the “one point (F) (A) ~”, if you do not have a ① ~ ⑥ is one point what the name “is printed We will take the check “over.
Insurance card (A)
A copy of the residence (B)
Family register (C)
Family register (D)
Seal registration certificate (E)
We bring (extract) family register + copy of the residence, like your parents with young children are allowed to confirm your identity with us like parents and children do not have a student ID card with photo children face ※ pension handbook (F) It’s fine if you can.

– Those whose names are printed]
· Bill public ※ ticket examination, credit cards, cash cards, student ID without photo face-proof and employees (eg water / electricity), the kind of postal various, non-even those whose names are printed I will be.
※ [only those whose names are printed] becomes improper. (For example, employee ID card only one point, the two non-patient registration card) must not be based on one point and not from the (F) (A) ~.

The customer, We apologize for the trouble you very humbly thank you for your understanding and cooperation in the spirit.

source, thanks to google translate :3


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