Full-scale stage, starting at last!
Determine the cast of your audience today!

Made their major debut with “curtain round and round” in February 2012, and then release
Oricon first appearance won the #1 singles all port creature window,
Nogizaka 46 popular idol group in boiling.
Has been active in always being compared to that competitor, official AKB48
“Theater” of the battle field you have selected as the next step will be girls.
Audience watching the first act, and vote during the break, that determine the cast of Act 2
Challenge the high hurdles in the common sense of theater is not to be expected!


Director: Junko Emoto × Screenplay: Kohei Kiyasu
Two of attention has teamed theater!


Also plays staged in Paris last year, production is noted also in foreign countries
Junko Emoto presided tribe “fur” troupe.
The screenplay, along with the director in the movie “I quit Kirishima, club”
Kohei Kiyasu was awarded the Japan Academy Prize Award for Excellence screenplay.
Is a unique fusion of two talented, how to vary the Nogizaka46! !

“I quit Kirishima, club” The 36th Japan Academy Awards
Kohei Kiyasu Screenplay Award Excellence

Kishida Drama Award finalist The 55th China Professional
Junko Emoto presiding tribe “fur” troupe

New and completely original stage performance by.

「Performance Tokyo」 Akasaka ACT Theater。 May 03 (Fri.) 〜12 (Sun.)

「Performance Osaka」Umeda Arts Theater Main Hall 。May 31 (Fri)〜June 2 (Sun.)

■Acceptance decision preceding the fastest ticket Nogizaka46 Mobile Exclusive!■
March 24 (Sunday) At 25 ~ We will start accepting
Access from mobile phones smartphones

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