ImageSaturday Night Child Machine
Official Website: Saturday Night Child Machine
TV Network: Nippon Television(NTV)
Air Time: 25:20~25:50 JST (Saturday)
Broadcast starts: April 13th 2013
Broadcast ends: ———–
Cast: AKB48 Team B
Director and Writer: Yuichi Fukuda
Genre: Variety

It has been announced that AKB48 Team B members will participate in a weekly show with “educational purposes”, which will be entitled “Saturday Night Child Machine”, the show starts to be aired on April 13 at midnight at 1:40 AM JST(only the first broadcast), as then will be at 1:20 AM JST every saturdays in the midnight on NipponTV.

The B team members will be part of the cast as thus Kojima Haruna(24), who will appears embodying her character in the drama where she played a magic apprentice, “Megu-tan”, also appear Yuki Kashiwagi(21) impersonating a “sexy” teacher and in the -reading section- Shimazaki Haruka(19) as the typical girl who appears as host in most Japanese educational shows.

In the articles, it mentions that its a reward to Team B for have won in that past AKBINGO! [So Long!] Drama Request’s episode, which was through the public votes.


credit to: Nyanholic Stage48 😀 (


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