in this post, i’ll give my view of my favorite members in this year Senbatsu Election. (lol) This sequence is based with how far will they get the rank jump.

8 渡辺麻友
Birthdate  March 26th, 1994
Preliminary  2
Last Election  2
other Mayuyu success to beat Yuko in preliminary result, but it doesn’t make her ranked 1. But no doubt popularity of Mayuyu, she is one of the candidates “future center”. Interesting to see Mayuyu at this year Sousenkyo Senbatsu.
7 岩佐美咲
Birthdate  January 30th, 1995
Preliminary  62
Last Election  33
other  In 2012, she’s became the third AKB48 members who received the Solo singles under her own name, and had occupied Rank 1 on Oricon Chart List, and made ​​her as youngest Enka singer ever to debut in the Oricon top 10. And helped her to rank 33 (Next Girl center) in that’s year Sousenkyo.
6 川栄李奈
Birthdate  February 12th, 1995
Preliminary  33
Last Election  Not Ranked
other  This year, her popularity rising up, and make her get a jump on this year Sousenkyo
5 宮脇咲良
Birthdate  March 19th, 1998
Preliminary  61
Last Election  47
other  She is one of the HKT48’s ace, as well as several other members. When viewed in Sousenkyo last year, she was the only one successful in the first year HKT48 at Sousenkyo.
4 山田菜々
Birthdate  April 3rd, 1992
Preliminary  47
Last Election  46
other  The oldest member of NMB48, her adult nature used by Aki-P to help raise the prestige of Team M. Exciting to see her adventure with Team M.
3 矢倉楓子
Birthdate  February 24th, 1997
Preliminary  59
Last Election  Not Ranked
other  a lot of people who panic when the center of Team M, Jo Eriko announced her graduation, but she managed to prove that Aki-P was not mistaken, with little by little raise the popularity of Team M. obvious when Aki-P is being pushing her by giving concurrent position in Team A, to add to her experience.
2 大場美奈
Birthdate  April 3rd, 1992
Preliminary  45
Last Election  57
other  Soul Leadership entrusted to her by Aki-P, when Captain title of The Next Generation, Team 4 was given on her shoulders. but scandal that entrap her, make her popularity fell slightly in 2012.
1 柴田阿弥
Birthdate  April 1st, 1993
Preliminary  8
Last Election  Not Ranked
other  Her spirit make her fans very excited at this year Sousenkyo. her best position is to become the Shirogumi Center of SKE48. but that fact didn’t dampen her spirits, and managed to put her in eighth position in the preliminary result. and prove to Aki-P that she deserve to go to SKE48 Senbatsu.

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