Spoilers ahead for the finale of the Kamen Rider Taisen movie!


Today’s press conference revealed that the winner of the showdown in Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen featuring Super Sentai is… HEISEI!  By about 760 votes out of over 2.7 million, Heisei has triumphed. The number of votes surpasses the 2.6 million votes in the 5th AKB48 election, an astounding feat! For those who don’t know, every year AKB48 holds a vote to determine who’s going to be in its next single, which is always a huge event, so for Kamen Rider to compete with that kind of popularity says a lot about the strength of the franchise. (For reference, the 2011 election had 1 million votes, the 2012 had 1.4 million, and the 2013 had 2.6 million)

Excited or disappointed about the results? Share your reactions in the comments below!

Thanks to Nihon Hero for additional info.


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  1. Ra says:

    Hell Yeah!! The Battle of Armageddon has ended with Heisei Riders win the clash with Showa.

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